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Tailor Toyo Acetate Souvenir Jacket


A jacket not only for scouts and roaring tigers. A Tailor Toyo Acetate Souvenir Jacket is the boss of bosses when it comes to casual menswear.
Incorporating the classic design of an american baseball jacket, the so called Sukajan are hand embroidered and fully reversible.

Those jackets have been originally created as souvenirs for GI’s in post-war Japan and developed into a casualwear legend nowadays.

What else is new

Heller’s Cafe HC-1 Waist Overall


hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-a hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-b hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-c hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-e

Being obsessive about details is being normal at least when it comes to Heller’s Cafe the partnership between Larry McKaughan the ‘The King of Vintage’ and Osaka’s Warehouse Company. As part of Larry’s Collection the HC-1 Nonpareil Waist Overall is a prime example for that love of detail and unmistakable design. The Duck Canvas fabric comes one washed and feels remarkably soft and slubby.

What else is new

Eat Dust Bloodline is finally back!


The Eat Dust Bloodline is back and raises hell again. The Bloodline is a 14oz Black/Black Red Selvage Fabric and ages distinctively over time.
We stock the Bloodline on the slim-tapered Fit 73, the brand-new 666 Wolf Shirt, 736 Vest and 673 Worker Jacket.

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We are hiring!!!


Liebes München,

wir sind auf der Suche nach Verstärkung. Insofern für Dich Begrifflichkeiten wie ‚Selvage Denim‘ keine Kopfschmerzen verursachen oder erst im Lexikon nachgeschlagen werden müssen, Du Freude am Umgang mit Menschen besitzt und gar Erfahrungen im Einzelhandel mitbringst, dann suchen wir genau DICH!

Bitte schicke uns Deine aussagekräftige Bewerbung an:
Wir freuen uns über jede Bewerbung und liebes Internet: Sharing is caring.

Merci Beucoup!

What else is new

The Slubbier the Happier!

STRIKE GOLD is an absolute allegory when it comes to ‘slubby’ selvedge denim. Often copied, but never equalled. Visiting Tohru&Yoshiko in their HQ in Kojima is something i am looking forward to the whole year. As it is so special meeting them and sharing thoughts. It feels a bit like coming home. Most recently they worked on new fabrics like the 17oz super slubby selvedge denim shown in the picture. I am convinced that you will find it in our store in fall at the latest. For now, we got all sizes restocked on their most famous SG5105 made of their Original 15oz Slubby Selvedge Denim.

Thank you so much, Guys!

strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-a strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-b strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-c