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Simply Irresistible…

… like a Charming Old Ferris Wheel – Mandarin Collars and Bowler Hats. As part of their FW17 collection Scarti-Lab released their version of a contemporary Mandarin Collar Shirt. An amazingly soft haptic makes a perfect companion for the last days of summer. Combined with Maharishi’s Custom Pant and a classic Stetson Bowler Hat you definitely get the perfect charm.

scartilab-maharishi-stetson-statementstore-statement-bowler-auer-dult-munchen-denim-store-a scartilab-maharishi-stetson-statementstore-statement-bowler-auer-dult-munchen-denim-store-b scartilab-maharishi-stetson-statementstore-statement-bowler-auer-dult-munchen-denim-store-c