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TEN-C: once i a lifetime

TEN-C: The Once-In-A-Lifetime-Jackets are back on stock! One of the things a man should do at least
once in life is to try on one of TEN-C’s sensational Jackets. Iconic Fits – like the Fishtail Parka – meet
their unmatched OJJ-Fabric, a knitted nylon/polyestere micro-fibre fabric exclusively made in Japan.
Because of the fabric all jackets will mould almost imperceptibly to your body and will develop a unique
Patina like a Horsehide Leather Jacket. The Ten-C Parka is available for 1199,95€ in Navy and Olive
from sizes 48 to 58. And of course you should try it with one of TEN-C’s Shearling or Basic Down Liner
for an all year long-wearing experience.

Because of the elaborate and costly fabric all stock is super limited and will sell fast, so feel free to get in touch with us,
if you feel for a once-in-a-lifetime-experience!


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