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A backpack full of cotton candy

When sunny mornings feel like a backpack full of cotton candy, you know it’s weekend ahead. Enjoy! And yep, right, we stock these all-purpose  Rucksack’s made of 22oz Heavy Twill and saddle-grade Bridle Leather in Tan and Black.

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What else is new

All Season Long

The good people at IRON HEART take care of you all season long! Stay dry and light in their Fleece Lined
Cordura Windbreaker jackets IHJ12 and 45.Perfectly fitting even if the sun will shine on you again.
Have a great day, peeps!




What else is new

Frost Bite is the name of the game!


These brand new EAT DUST quilted nylon jackets are just perfectly fitting with STEVENSON OVERALL’s Ventura, RED WING SHOES Engineer Boots and a FILSON’s Rolltop Backpack in case you won’t find yourself a complementing Chevy Pickup Truck.