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The Fine Art Of Layering

MAHARISHI‘s fully reversible Silk to Japanese Nylon Twill Hokkaido Jacket meets 3SIXTEEN’s beefy Heavyweight Hoodies.
Did you ever wonder how far one may go when it comes to redesigns of classic flight jackets?
Well, look at that: MAHARISHI took it to the next level combining a Silk Souvenir Jacket and a quilted Nylon Flight Jacket.
Fully Reversible featuring ‚Tiger‘ and ‚Onna-bugeisha‘ embroidery.
Best combined with 3SIXTEEN’s 500gsm fleece Heavyweight Hoodies, which are available in black and grey from sizes S to XXL.

Get in touch to get yours!

maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-a maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-b maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-c maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-d maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-e maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-f

What else is new

From the Heartland of Indigo


Kojima’s renowned ‘Collect’-family delivers again in the most stellar way. SOULIVE Indigo Dyed MA-1 Flight Jacket
featuring their popular Bandana Trick Art Lining combined with a well worn JAPAN BLUE Indigo X Black French Work Trouser.

Thanks Ulf for friendship and a brilliant modeling job. 

What else is new

Maharishi’s Great Vision


Upcycled&Reduxed or a Great Vision of high quality and utilitarian clothing: MAHARISHI Upcycled Liner and Redux Helmet Bag
made of Vintage Military Surplus X Recycled Quilted Liners. Unique imperfections due to the use of vintage surplus fabrics make every item individual and unique.

What else is new

Blue Collar Attitude vs White Collar Spirit

Soulive Indigo Dyed and Bandana Trick Art Lined MA-1 Bomber Jacket meets RRL Lange HBD Shirt with hidden buttondown collar meets Scarti-Lab Chino 120 Lot SG717 and the iconic Red Wing 875 Moc Toe.

Thanks Gerd for being so charming and looking so striking in this outfit!