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T*S*P*T*R make Tuesdays feel like Sundays!

All  Tee‘s are available in sizes S to XXL and sell for 49,95€!

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What else is new

Sers Munich!


Feels good to be back. A long weekend ahead and even more importantly a summer sunny one,
simply pop by and we are gonna help you to find the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Kevin for examples seems to be well prepared with Dr. Collectors P20 Seafarer Chinos, the indigo-dyed 13 Stars
and Hand-Printed Small Hopi Californian Tee’s.

What else is new

Statement goes Joshua Tree

Belated Season's Greetings from Joshua Tree, California! Our friend Carsten send us this snapshot. Well, we are jealous and want to go back... now! Thanks Carsten, safe travels.

Our friend Carsten send us this snapshot from Joshua Tree National Park, California.
Well, we are jealous and want to go back… now!

Thanks Carsten and safe travels.