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What's new

Gimme some Muir!

Gimme some Muir! One of our favorite INDIGOFERA shirts is back in blue. Our swedish friends decided
for a deep dark indigo-dyed canvas fabric for this season, which has an unmistakably soft-feel.
The Muir shirt comes in a slim and subtile silhouette and features a Mandarin Collar, a Curved Hem
and two shaped chest pockets. Obviously the indigo canvas promises some superb fades over time.

indigofera-indigoferajeans-muir-muirshirt-indigo-statement-statementstore-munich-a indigofera-indigoferajeans-muir-muirshirt-indigo-statement-statementstore-munich-b indigofera-indigoferajeans-muir-muirshirt-indigo-statement-statementstore-munich-c indigofera-indigoferajeans-muir-muirshirt-indigo-statement-statementstore-munich-d indigofera-indigoferajeans-muir-muirshirt-indigo-statement-statementstore-munich-e indigofera-indigoferajeans-muir-muirshirt-indigo-statement-statementstore-munich-f indigofera-indigoferajeans-muir-muirshirt-indigo-statement-statementstore-munich-g

What else is new

Heller’s Cafe HC-1 Waist Overall


hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-a hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-b hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-c hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-e

Being obsessive about details is being normal at least when it comes to Heller’s Cafe the partnership between Larry McKaughan the ‘The King of Vintage’ and Osaka’s Warehouse Company. As part of Larry’s Collection the HC-1 Nonpareil Waist Overall is a prime example for that love of detail and unmistakable design. The Duck Canvas fabric comes one washed and feels remarkably soft and slubby.

What else is new

Entirely swathed in Indigo…


… the year quietly bids farewell.

Dear Munich, we will be opened today obviously and tomorrow from 10am until all bottles of Cremant are emptied.

Before I forget, Jeff wears STEVENSON OVERALL’s phenomenal Grass Valley Buckle Back Trousers made of their one of a kind Solid Indigo Selvage Canvas and DOUBLE RL ‘s Novelty Indigo Discharge Printed Davis Workshirt. Take it easy and hopefully see you either today or tomorrow!

What else is new

This is about Solid Indigo&Golden Twill!


STEVENSON OVERALL Slinger Ranch Jacket made of a beautiful Indigo Duck-Canvas Fabric and INDIGOFERA
Heyes Pant
in Driftwood Beige made of 10oz Dahlonega (which means Gold in Cherokee Language) Twill.

Both come unwashed and fade in color nicely after wearing.

What else is new

One hell of a fabric

ROGUE TERRITORY’s Indigo Selvedge Canvas is simply one hell of a fabric. Made of “slubby” pure indigo dyed warp and weft yarns
it ages just beautifully. We stock the ISC on RGT’s Ranger Jacket, Work Shirt & Ridgeline Vest.
All of them with a huge potential to become a staple in your wardrope.