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Double RL Surplus Cargo Pant

A Double RL Suplus Cargo Pant out-toughs even Monday Mornings! Based on a 1950s Original Military pant
this wardrobe essential is constructed of a washed, heavy but comfy 100% Cotton Poplin fabric.
It comes with Belt Loops, Exterior Suspender Buttons, Zip Fly with Button Fastening, Multiple Pockets,
Articulated Knees and Drawstrings to the Cuffs.

Top: INDIGOFERA  Iconic Items CPO Shirt
Bottom: DOUBLE RL Surplus Cargo Pants
Toe’s: ALDEN 405 Indy Boot

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What else is new

Heavy IRON HEART apparel fresh in stock

Heavy IRON HEART apparel fresh in stock. Indigo Dyed Selvedge 10oz Flannels and 23oz Ultra Heavy Selvedge Cargo Pants! @ironheartdenim

Indigo Dyed Selvedge 10oz Flannels and 23oz Ultra Heavy Selvedge Cargo Pants!