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What's new

BEEP BEEP – Catch us if you can!

Our friends over at Toyo Enterprise revived the brilliant collaboration between CHESWICK & Warner Bros icon Road Runner.
These tubular knitted Longsleeves are thick but super soft. Please note that these fit quite boxy and you might have to size up.
Made in USA and get in touch to get yours!

roadrunner-warnerbros-cheswick-toyoenterprise-statementstore-looneytunes-statement-denim-munich-a roadrunner-warnerbros-cheswick-toyoenterprise-statementstore-looneytunes-statement-denim-munich-b roadrunner-warnerbros-cheswick-toyoenterprise-statementstore-looneytunes-statement-denim-munich-c roadrunner-warnerbros-cheswick-toyoenterprise-statementstore-looneytunes-statement-denim-munich-d roadrunner-warnerbros-cheswick-toyoenterprise-statementstore-looneytunes-statement-denim-munich-e roadrunner-warnerbros-cheswick-toyoenterprise-statementstore-looneytunes-statement-denim-munich-f roadrunner-warnerbros-cheswick-toyoenterprise-statementstore-looneytunes-statement-denim-munich-g roadrunner-warnerbros-cheswick-toyoenterprise-statementstore-looneytunes-statement-denim-munich-h

What else is new

Layer up with loopwheeled Longsleeves


Good Morning Munich! It’s freezing cold outside. Better layer up and pop by if you have not found the perfect Longsleeve yet.
Loopwheeled and screen printed SAMURAI and CHESWICK Shirt might do the trick.

What else is new

Hip Hip Hurry and Beep prepared!


These brilliant tubular knitted Cheswick Longsleeves and Cat’s Paw Chino’s have arrived us the other day.
Cheswick has been brought back to life by our friends of Toyo Enterprise and is all about Vintage American Sportswear.