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Indigofera Hickory Stripe

Come and get’em – Hickory Striped Copeland, Daryl&Swearengen! For this Winter  released their most famous fits
on one of their highly coveted fabrics. The 11,5oz Black/Grey Hickory Stripe is exclusively milled in Japan and an eyecatcher in any situation.

indigofera-indigoferajeans-copeland-daryl-swearengen-statementstore-hickorystripe-statement-denim-munich-a indigofera-indigoferajeans-copeland-daryl-swearengen-statementstore-hickorystripe-statement-denim-munich-b indigofera-indigoferajeans-copeland-daryl-swearengen-statementstore-hickorystripe-statement-denim-munich-c indigofera-indigoferajeans-copeland-daryl-swearengen-statementstore-hickorystripe-statement-denim-munich-d indigofera-indigoferajeans-copeland-daryl-swearengen-statementstore-hickorystripe-statement-denim-munich-e indigofera-indigoferajeans-copeland-daryl-swearengen-statementstore-hickorystripe-statement-denim-munich-f indigofera-indigoferajeans-copeland-daryl-swearengen-statementstore-hickorystripe-statement-denim-munich-g

What else is new

All geared up and ready for Fall!

All geared up and ready for Fall! Unfortunately we only have a few of these limited  Black Nubuck Copeland Shirts. Made of thick but soft cattle leather with a buffed grain side. Only available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

indigofera-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-selvedge-denim-store-munich-copeland-black-nubuck-a indigofera-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-selvedge-denim-store-munich-copeland-black-nubuck-b

What else is new

Monday Morning Indigofera Invasion


Always good to have this guy around. Thanks for stopping by Kari!

What else is new

Eagle Rising


Indigofera X Israel Nash 2-Tone Denim Overshirt. If you are into INDIGOFERA and liked their iconic Fargo and Copeland Shirts, you will definitely gonna love this limited Collaboration. Not only for the embroidery or the additional pockets. Solely the 2-tone denim fabric is a jawdropper. 

What else is new

Dust Beige Indigofera Copeland


The first stunner of 2017 was not long in coming: INDIGOFERA Copeland Leather Shirt in Dust Beige.

Limited to 38 pieces worldwide, all hand numbered.