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What's new

It’s Spring Training, Charlie Brown!

TSPTR delivers us positive Peanuts vibes for those sunny days ahead!
All Tee’s (price 49,95€) and Long Sleeves (price 79,95€) are available in sizes M to XL.

We ship fast and reliable to all EU-countries and we love old-school communication
and that’s why you should get in touch with us by phone or email to place an order.

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What else is new

This is Munich, Not L.A.


These TSPTR Tee’s are inspired by Vietnam Era Counterculture and influences of the 1960s/70s American outdoor experience
– from Pioneers to Drop Outs to returning GI’s, the wilderness has offered a home to those who don’t fit into mainstream society.


What else is new

TSPTR: Full Steam Ahead!


Running into the weekend like Popeye: Full Steam Ahead! We got brand-new TSPTR armor for your wardrobre-arsenals.