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Sunspel Sweat Top

One of our personal favorites, top-selling items and in all modesty: the Gold Standard when it comes to Sweatshirts.
The light grey marl SUNSPEL Sweat Top stands out with it’s clear and neat design and convinces with Sunspel’s signuature
loopback fabric which results in the most plush feel that you could ever imagine.

sunspel-sweat-top-sweatshirt-grey-melange-statement-statementstore-munich-a sunspel-sweat-top-sweatshirt-grey-melange-statement-statementstore-munich-b sunspel-sweat-top-sweatshirt-grey-melange-statement-statementstore-munich-c sunspel-sweat-top-sweatshirt-grey-melange-statement-statementstore-munich-d

What else is new

As basic as it gets: NATIONAL ATHLETIC GOODS

Inspired by American Sportswear of the 1930s-60s National Athletics uses only authentic custom knit fabrics from Japan to produce their timeless Menswear Basics. Both the Raglan Warm Up in Dark Grey and the Oatmeal Double-V Warm Up are made of a 11oz Mock Twist Fleece Fabric. True Value Goods made in Canada!

nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-a nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-b nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-c nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-d nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-e nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-f nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-g

What else is new

Mantra of the day



Front Towards Enemy, Back To The World.

Hand worked 1:6 Fierce Tiger chest embroidery on MAHARISHI ‘s Vintage Archive Crew Sweat made of organic cotton.

What else is new

The Era Of Violence



SAMURAI’s mighty impressive sulfur dyed heavyweight Crewneck’s.

What else is new

This is Munich, Not L.A.


These TSPTR Tee’s are inspired by Vietnam Era Counterculture and influences of the 1960s/70s American outdoor experience
– from Pioneers to Drop Outs to returning GI’s, the wilderness has offered a home to those who don’t fit into mainstream society.