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What's new

Strike Gold: Running out of superlatives

The Strike Gold introduces it‘s Super Slubby Series and ends all debates!
Strike Gold‘s latest low tension weave fabric sets a new tone when it comes to the discussion about „slubbiness“ of denim.
The weft yarn is as slubby as it gets and the 17oz fabric results in a one of a kind wearing experience.
The SG7104 is a new fit as well. Higher Rise, roomy thigh and a nicely tapered leg.

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What else is new

Season’s readings


Clutch X Men’s File Issue 15 just arrived!

What else is new

SCARTI LAB’s christmas inspirations


Handmade Glass Cases available in a Wabash, Olive Green or Hemp Fabric.

What else is new

Double RL Winter Wovens


The RRL Brushed Jacquard Matlock Workshirt is definitely one of the seasonal highlights and fits
MANIFATTURA CECCARELLI ‘s Wool and Linen Shawl Collar Workjacket perfectly.

What else is new

Spring Fever


RRL brings a little spring fever into holiday season, as we received the first items of ‘s Spring/Summer Collection. Light Weight and Garment Dyed Herringbone Slim Chino in Clapboard Grey, the classic Officer’s Chino and a neat Embossed True Indigo Leather Belts.