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What's new

Into the Deep Dark Indigo Blue

INDIGOFERA‘s Copeland Shirt returns in a 14oz Indigo/Black Selvedge Denim.
If you are into high contrast fade patterns this shirt might be your savior.
The rope dyed indigo warp/black weft Red Line Selvedge fabric will turn this shirt
into a Patina Beast after a few month of wear!

Indigofera-Indigoferajeans-Copeland-fargo-denim-statementstore-statement-munich-a Indigofera-Indigoferajeans-Copeland-fargo-denim-statementstore-statement-munich-b Indigofera-Indigoferajeans-Copeland-fargo-denim-statementstore-statement-munich-c Indigofera-Indigoferajeans-Copeland-fargo-denim-statementstore-statement-munich-d Indigofera-Indigoferajeans-Copeland-fargo-denim-statementstore-statement-munich-e Indigofera-Indigoferajeans-Copeland-fargo-denim-statementstore-statement-munich-f

What else is new

Sugar Cane Spring Summer


The first drop of Toyo’s finest Spring/Summer items hit the store. Sugar Cane Light’s Indigo Needlework Cloth Work Vest
and signature Okinawa Jeans blend in nicely with classic white Jack Purcell’s and a tubular knitted Whitesville Tee!

What else is new

Strucked by Thunder Black!


INDIGOFERA did it again and reinterpreted an all time classic. The Ash Denim Jacket is based on a Type II fit and features their lovely Thunder Black Selvedge Denim. All of them hand-numbered and therefore only available in limited quantities.

What else is new

Saluting the Old West!


The Wheeler is Stevenson Overall’s interpretation of a modern western shirt jacket.

Short body, tight fit and the 11,5oz custom Indigo Denim augur a versatile and timeless masterpiece for all seasons.

What else is new

Eat Dust // One for the road

The nowadays already iconic items of a small belgian brand called EAT DUST just hit the store. Knowing Rob&Keith for quite a while and obviously loved
their DIY-Passion before Fashion-attitude from the beginning we are happy to present their latest collection ‘The Cuckoo’s Nest’ within the Statement.
Needles to say that we are stocking the classic Fit 673 Worker Denim Jacket among all new stuff from the current collection. The jacket in the pic belongs
to Keith and is from the 1st batch ever produced years ago. We will have it in store for a while, so pop by and check it out.