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What's new

Just arrived: Stevenson Overall Co.!

Stevenson Overall is all about nostalgic but modern and universal to wear Men’s Clothing. We received the first drop of our Fall/Winter order
including two already design classics: Stevenson’s version of a slim fitting Officer’s Trousers made of a Original Yarn Dyed Indigo Twill which
carries the name Quartermaster. And on top of that their brilliant version of a Denim Western Shirt called Cody. 6,5oz soft but rough textured
Denim and a buffalo horn shaped front yoke make this shirt indistinguishable!

stevensonoverall-stevenson-overall-company-statementstore-statement-selvedge-denim-store-munich-a stevensonoverall-stevenson-overall-company-statementstore-statement-selvedge-denim-store-munich-b stevensonoverall-stevenson-overall-company-statementstore-statement-selvedge-denim-store-munich-c stevensonoverall-stevenson-overall-company-statementstore-statement-selvedge-denim-store-munich-d stevensonoverall-stevenson-overall-company-statementstore-statement-selvedge-denim-store-munich-e stevensonoverall-stevenson-overall-company-statementstore-statement-selvedge-denim-store-munich-f

What else is new

Men, start to wrap up!

Now that autumn is upon us you really do not need to compromise on style. Both, the INDIGOFERA Kurt Herringbone Cotton Jacket
and SUGAR CANE’s Fiction Romance 8oz Sawtooth Denim Shirt might be two more than welcome refreshments for your wardrobe!
Two menswear classics to brighten up any of your outfits this season.

indigofera-sugarcane-sugarcanedenim-toyoenterprise-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-store-a indigofera-sugarcane-sugarcanedenim-toyoenterprise-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-store-b indigofera-sugarcane-sugarcanedenim-toyoenterprise-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-store-c indigofera-sugarcane-sugarcanedenim-toyoenterprise-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-store-d indigofera-sugarcane-sugarcanedenim-toyoenterprise-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-store-e

What else is new

Eagle Rising


Indigofera X Israel Nash 2-Tone Denim Overshirt. If you are into INDIGOFERA and liked their iconic Fargo and Copeland Shirts, you will definitely gonna love this limited Collaboration. Not only for the embroidery or the additional pockets. Solely the 2-tone denim fabric is a jawdropper. 

What else is new

Indigofera finally brings back the Ryman!


This classic 7,5oz Western Denim Shirt was one of the first Indigofera items i have ever bought for myself years ago
and now it’s back in a slightly updated fit. As you may see the fabric breaks in beautifully over time.

What else is new

A Devil’s grip & 2 shirts like Iron Fists!

A Devil's grip & two shirts like Iron Fists! IHSH-141 11,5oz Black Overdyed Indigo Selvedge Denim & IHSH-137 10oz Mini Herringbone Flannel Western Shirt. IRON HEART at it's best, built in Japan. @ironheartdenim


New Arrivals from Iron Heart:

IHSH-141 11,5oz Black Overdyed Indigo Selvedge Denim & IHSH-137 10oz Mini Herringbone Flannel Western Shirt.

IRON HEART at it’s best, built in Japan.