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Warehouse 2-Pocket Set In Loopwheel Hoodie

Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered with plenty of smart and casual ways to layer your favourite winter coat.
Perhaps one of our favorites is that WAREHOUSE Lot. 453 DUCK DIGGER 2-Pocket Set In Loopwheel Hoodie.
Available in sizes 42 and 44, price 189,95€.

We ship fast and reliable to all EU-countries and we love old-school communication and that’s why you should
get in touch with us by phone or email to place an order.

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What else is new

Warehouse Duck Digger Western York Chambray

Not just another wardrobe staple, but a killer essential for a well-dressed everyday wear.
WAREHOUSE COMPANY constructed this DUCK DIGGER Western York Chambray Shirt
out of their passion for a faithful reproduction of vintage clothing
. Made of a soft and super textured 16×16 Selvedge Chambray fabric the shirt features Original
Wooden buttons, a Triple-Stitch construction and rare to find ventilation holes. Especially the
Western Yoke simply makes a difference to a lot of other Chambray shirts out there.

The Lot 3019 Chambray comes One-Washed and is available in sizes 40 and 42, price: 199,95€.
We ship fast and reliable to all EU-countries and we love old-school communication and that’s
why you should get in touch with us by phone or email to place an order.

warehouse-warehousecompany-duckdigger-lot3019-western-york-chambray-shirt-statement-statementstore-a warehouse-warehousecompany-duckdigger-lot3019-western-york-chambray-shirt-statement-statementstore-b warehouse-warehousecompany-duckdigger-lot3019-western-york-chambray-shirt-statement-statementstore-c warehouse-warehousecompany-duckdigger-lot3019-western-york-chambray-shirt-statement-statementstore-e warehouse-warehousecompany-duckdigger-lot3019-western-york-chambray-shirt-statement-statementstore-f warehouse-warehousecompany-duckdigger-lot3019-western-york-chambray-shirt-statement-statementstore-g warehouse-warehousecompany-duckdigger-lot3019-western-york-chambray-shirt-statement-statementstore-h warehouse-warehousecompany-duckdigger-lot3019-western-york-chambray-shirt-statement-statementstore-i


What else is new

Warehouse Company: Old friends


Meeting old friends! Spending the afternoon with my former boss Shane of Berlin’s finest BURG&SCHILD and having a meeting with Ichiro of Osaka’s legendary Warehouse Company. Well, i have to admit it was a good day. Thanks Ichiro for your time and friendship.