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A jacket like Fireworks on New Years Eve!

TAILOR TOYO X WHITESVILLE 30oz Melton Wool Letterman Award Jacket. This killer Varsity jacket features
TOYO ENTERPRISE‘s signature hand-embroidery and is available in size 40 only, price 1349,95€.

We ship fast and reliable to all EU-countries and we love old-school communication and that’s why you should get in touch with us by phone or email to place an order.

tailortoyo-whitesville-toyoenterprise-letterman-award-varsity-college-jacket-statement-statementstore-munich-shopping-a tailortoyo-whitesville-toyoenterprise-letterman-award-varsity-college-jacket-statement-statementstore-munich-shopping-b tailortoyo-whitesville-toyoenterprise-letterman-award-varsity-college-jacket-statement-statementstore-munich-shopping-c tailortoyo-whitesville-toyoenterprise-letterman-award-varsity-college-jacket-statement-statementstore-munich-shopping-d tailortoyo-whitesville-toyoenterprise-letterman-award-varsity-college-jacket-statement-statementstore-munich-shopping-e tailortoyo-whitesville-toyoenterprise-letterman-award-varsity-college-jacket-statement-statementstore-munich-shopping-f tailortoyo-whitesville-toyoenterprise-letterman-award-varsity-college-jacket-statement-statementstore-munich-shopping-g tailortoyo-whitesville-toyoenterprise-letterman-award-varsity-college-jacket-statement-statementstore-munich-shopping-h

What else is new

The Fine Art Of Layering

MAHARISHI‘s fully reversible Silk to Japanese Nylon Twill Hokkaido Jacket meets 3SIXTEEN’s beefy Heavyweight Hoodies.
Did you ever wonder how far one may go when it comes to redesigns of classic flight jackets?
Well, look at that: MAHARISHI took it to the next level combining a Silk Souvenir Jacket and a quilted Nylon Flight Jacket.
Fully Reversible featuring ‚Tiger‘ and ‚Onna-bugeisha‘ embroidery.
Best combined with 3SIXTEEN’s 500gsm fleece Heavyweight Hoodies, which are available in black and grey from sizes S to XXL.

Get in touch to get yours!

maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-a maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-b maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-c maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-d maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-e maharishi-3sixteen-flightjacket-souvenirjacket-winterjacket-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-f

What else is new

Dr. Collectors: 100% Indigo


We are over the moon to present you the Original Handcrafted Clothing of Dr. Collectors. Each item and all garments
are constructed in California using only traditionally American manufacturing.

For example: the Corsica Vest is hand embroidered and Indigo-hand dipped. But not enough: the Kewa on the Frisco
Tee is completely hand painted by Olivier and his artisans.

Have a brilliant weekend and we are gonna post more images of the other items we received next week!

What else is new

Mantra of the day



Front Towards Enemy, Back To The World.

Hand worked 1:6 Fierce Tiger chest embroidery on MAHARISHI ‘s Vintage Archive Crew Sweat made of organic cotton.

What else is new

Maharishi “Year of The Rooster”


This is your Tuesday Morning Wake Up Call! MAHARISHI “Year of the Rooster” Embroidered Stadium Jacket. In honor of the Chinese Lunar Calender Maharishi releases a yearly limited-edition. Made of a stonewashed organic diamond twill, this very jacket is limited to 250 pieces worldwide!