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TEN C Field Jackets are back

The TenC Field Jacket in Olive and Black OJJ is back on stock! An all time classic design and an iconic garment that will live forever!
Based on the US Army Field Jackets of the 1940ies this  version, with its front zip, press stud closure, drawstring waist and concealable
hood is close to the 1965 version used widely during the Vietnam War Era.
The jacket fabric -OJJ- is made in Japan and is a knitted nylon/polyester micro-fibre. This jersey will, with time, mould itself almost
imperceptibly to your body and will acquire, with use, a unique individual patina, each jacket reflecting its own personal history and
that of its user. All Liners are designed to protect the wearer in cold conditions and can be attached within all TenC outer shells when
required or worn separately.

tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-a tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-b tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-c tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-d tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-e tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-f tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-g tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-h tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-i

What else is new

ICONIC! Iron Heart M-65 Field Jacket

The good people  have reinterpreted one of the most iconic pieces of US Army outerwear – the M-65 Field Jacket!
Made of a 14oz Black Overdyed Indigo Selvedge Denim this fabric will turn the jacket into a Patina Beast.
Two-way YKK zipper, additional side handwarmer pockets and lined with a super comfy Herringbone Twill
even Robert De Niro would have ordered one before shooting Taxi Driver.

Available in sizes S – XXXL but in limited quantities as always.

ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-a ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-b ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-c ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-d ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-e ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-f ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-g ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-h ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-i ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-j ironheart-denim-m65-fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-k

What else is new

TEN C – Summoning Desires

TEN-C‘s Field Jacket summons desires, that we cannot fullfil anymore, except you are a size 50.
These jackets sold so fast, that we only have a few left. Much more important TEN C is one of our
favorite brands using classic and timeless designs and combinig those with a knitted japanese
micro-fibre fabric, which is breathable, draft- and rainproof, but ages like horsehide leather jacket over time.
Ten-C Jackets can be worn easily all year long adding and removing their liners, like the Shearling Liner Kajetan wears.
Truly ‚The Emperor‘s New Clothes‘!

Tenc-fieldjacket-m65-jacket-statementstore-statement-munich-a Tenc-fieldjacket-m65-jacket-statementstore-statement-munich-b Tenc-fieldjacket-m65-jacket-statementstore-statement-munich-c Tenc-fieldjacket-m65-jacket-statementstore-statement-munich-d


What else is new

TEN C Field Jacket


An essential guide to keeping warm in style: Shearling Lined TEN C Field Jacket. Problem solved.

What else is new

Ten C restocked!

We received a little restock of the Emperor's new clothes. Eight different fits from Ten C to chose from. Now available in store!


We received a little restock of the Emperor’s new clothes. Eight different fits from Ten C to chose from. Now available in store!