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Only 5 Days! First Come, First Serve!

Only 5 Days! First Come, First Serve!

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Midnight Black Leather



Three Workwear inspired Biker Wallets made of black saddle leather. Our buddy’s over OBBI GOOD LABEL always add a unique twist of modernization
to their tough and completely handmade items. Trifold designs, coin zippers, concho snap button closures should make every men’s heart beat faster.


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Saluting the Old West!


The Wheeler is Stevenson Overall’s interpretation of a modern western shirt jacket.

Short body, tight fit and the 11,5oz custom Indigo Denim augur a versatile and timeless masterpiece for all seasons.

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New Men’s File 14


One of the best 0,5kg Offline Apps a man can have.

What else is new

Indigo Ice Cream


It’s so hot in Munich today that i am seriously considering to have ice cream for breakfast.
Only because i just rememered that one time we hung out at Kojima’s famous Jeans Street
and had Indigo ice cream and everything was just alright!