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What's new

S.F.K Leather: Coffee&Cigarettes


How to improve your Mourning Routine with S.F.K. Leather Cigarette Bags. These fully handmade leathergoods definitely make the most of your morning
and are easy to combine with a proper coffee of your choice.

Thank you so much Kurt!

What else is new

SCARTI LAB’s christmas inspirations


Handmade Glass Cases available in a Wabash, Olive Green or Hemp Fabric.

What else is new

Dear Global Village…


… on days like these it might be most important to look at yourself first before you judge other people.
We are happy to work with passionate people and talented artisans from all over the world,
some of these people became friends over the years, which is a blessing.

And without those people todays image might be empty or at least not so rich of such manifold craftmanship…

What else is new

Finally! The return of Indigo People


As we love their passion-driven work so much, we tried to offer you a vast choice of their handmade
and above all indigo-dyed items,
pretty much everything from scarfs, bandanas, neckties and bags.

What else is new

Midnight Black Leather



Three Workwear inspired Biker Wallets made of black saddle leather. Our buddy’s over OBBI GOOD LABEL always add a unique twist of modernization
to their tough and completely handmade items. Trifold designs, coin zippers, concho snap button closures should make every men’s heart beat faster.