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What's new

PURE Blue Japan 22oz XX-013

There is no such thing as a heavyweight slubby denim on an urban slim tapered silhouette?
Well, there is and we just got a restock of PURE BLUE JAPAN’s XX-22oz-013!
A hefty but handy 22oz of Okayama‘s finest Selvedge Denim on a fit which is complete in every respect.
These come once washed and come in all sizes from 30-40!

purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-a purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-b purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-c purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-d purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-e purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-f purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-g purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-h purebluejapan-xx013-22oz-statementstore-statement-denim-i

What else is new


When the time is right IRON HEART will make it happen. And the timing for the release of IRON HEART’s new model ‘888’ was just perfect.
The IH-888S is a tapered fit with a roomy thigh and comes in their heavy but super soft 21oz Selvedge Denim.

Fall awaits and a proper pair of jeans is a must.

ironheart-iron-heart-statement-statementstore-denim-selvedge-munich-a ironheart-iron-heart-statement-statementstore-denim-selvedge-munich-b ironheart-iron-heart-statement-statementstore-denim-selvedge-munich-c ironheart-iron-heart-statement-statementstore-denim-selvedge-munich-d

What else is new

Iron Heart: The Ultimate Denim Adventure

Iron Heart’s all time classic CPO Shirt is back and better than ever. The original 17oz fabric has been updated to a 18oz Indigo Selvedge Denim.
All under the motto: The Heavier the better. We received a much-anticipated restock of their super slim fitting IH-555-01 as well.
The Indigo Snake comes in their signature heavy but soft 21oz Selvedge Denim, which breaks in super nice over time, as revealed in the images.

ironheart-iron-heart-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-a ironheart-iron-heart-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-b ironheart-iron-heart-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-c ironheart-iron-heart-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-d ironheart-iron-heart-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-e ironheart-iron-heart-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-f ironheart-iron-heart-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-g ironheart-iron-heart-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-h

What else is new

The Iron Heart Lounge Lizard Incident!


The overwhelming visit to IRON HEART’s HQ in Hachioji may have some side effects on some people. This place is really amazing and the hospitality and kindness of Haraki-san and the good people of Iron Heart is mind-blowing. Countless thanks to Haraki, Giles, Paula and Sarina for this brilliant experience!

What else is new

21oz Denim? Yes, please!


Iron Heart’s 21oz Selvedge Denim Windbreaker just hit the store.