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Heller’s Cafe HC-1 Waist Overall


hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-a hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-b hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-c hellerscafe-warehouse-company-hc1-duck-waistoverall-statement-denim-store-munich-e

Being obsessive about details is being normal at least when it comes to Heller’s Cafe the partnership between Larry McKaughan the ‘The King of Vintage’ and Osaka’s Warehouse Company. As part of Larry’s Collection the HC-1 Nonpareil Waist Overall is a prime example for that love of detail and unmistakable design. The Duck Canvas fabric comes one washed and feels remarkably soft and slubby.

What else is new

Warehouse Company: Old friends


Meeting old friends! Spending the afternoon with my former boss Shane of Berlin’s finest BURG&SCHILD and having a meeting with Ichiro of Osaka’s legendary Warehouse Company. Well, i have to admit it was a good day. Thanks Ichiro for your time and friendship.

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Amongst Legends


So happy to work with Ichiro of Warehouse Co. and Heller’s Cafe a vintage inspired collection of the King of Vintage himself Larry McKaughan.

What else is new

The ‘Great’ful Eight



Only a few of the manifold details you’ll find in our small but lovely store.


What else is new

I couldn’t resist!

I couldn't resist! One more preview of the new Warehouse&Co. and Heller's Cafe delivery. Hand-printed 1940's War Art U.S. Army M41 Field Jacket and 1001SXX Jeans.


One more preview of the new Warehouse&Co. and Heller’s Cafe delivery.

Hand-printed 1940’s War Art U.S. Army M41 Field Jacket and 1001SXX Jeans.