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HOMESPUN Henleys: Simply a Veritable Menswear Standard

The origin of Henley Shirts goes back to early 19th century men’s undershirts. Henleys leaped into fame as the classic uniform of Rowers during the Royal Regatta in the English town of Henley-on-Thames.Nowadays Henleys have become men’s wardrobe essentials.

Homespun’s Surplus Henleys are made of 220GSM (grams per square meter) 100% Zimbabwe Cotton Jersey. These are available in Aged Black and Olive Drab. The white and super soft Standard Henley uses a light weight knit made of a recycled cotton jersey fabric.

All Homespun Knitwear is planned & produced in Canada.

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The Beauty of Basics!


Homespun Knitwear and National Athletic Goods are created and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.
Originals inspired by early 20th century working men’s underwear and vintage American Sportswear.