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Eagle Rising & a Freelander

Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness, simply did not know that INDIGOFERA‘s
Eagle Rising Shirt-Jacket is now available in HORSEHIDE Leather in a limited release.
The shell is thick&beefy but so soft and pliable at the same time.

Even better, the rubicund cognac horsehide leather goes just perfectly with STEVENSON OVERALL‘s
Freelander work trousers. Made of a Heavyweight Indigo Yarn Dyed Herringbone Tweed and a Rayon
Cotton Twill which feels like Satin has been used for the Lining.

Better be quick to get in touch to get yours!

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What else is new

3sixteen Indigo Herringbone Work Jacket



One of my absolute favorites this season and i am so happy to finally have it in store. Subtile, well elaborated and so rich in details.
Both the real wood buttons and the Japanese indigo herringbone fabric will age beautifully over time. Well done Guys!

What else is new

Heavy Herringbone

Heavy Herringbone - Iron Heart 9oz Organic Selvedge Olive Cotton Herringbone Western Shirt.

Iron Heart 9oz Organic Selvedge Olive Cotton Herringbone Western Shirt.