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TSPTR conquers Hirschgarten


Truth/Symmetry/Pleasure/Taste/Recognition an acroynym which manifest TSPTRS approach to design and brand ethos.
The current collection revives the counterculture spirit of 1960/70’s West Coast College kids.


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“TSPTR Collection 5 draws its influences from the style of American College kids of the late 1960’s.While the East Coast’s Ivy League Universities were populated with the wealthy offspring of America’s most elite families, the West Coast Colleges had a much more revolutionary ethos – co-ed campuses, student rallies, anti war demonstrations, recreational drug trials on campus – the gulf between the two coasts couldn’t have been be more apparent.The staid prestigious traditionalism of the Ivy League fraternities was in sharp contrast to many of the West Coast frat houses where the focus was on radical social change and having a good time, in equal measure. Kids on the West Coast were far more concerned with surfing and beach parties than secret societies and custom made shirts.This is not to say these Californian students didn’t have a social conscience, the opposite in fact, while the Ivy Leaguers sought to become powerful buisnessmen or lawyers, at the University of California Berkeley campus, student protests began as early as 1963 as a part of the larger Free Speech Movement. These protests had national implications and constituted the onset of the counterculture era.This collection draws from the style and attitude of these West Coast students combining period authenticity with contemporary design in garments that are made in the UK, Japan, the USA and Europe.

Chino cotton and collegiate colorways form a key theme that runs through the collection alongside Schulz’s iconic Peanuts characters (who were firm student favorites) forming a melting pot of cultural signposts all of which are blended into one singular aesthetic and message – TAKE IVY AND SHOVE IT! ”