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ALDEN: A Real Black Diamond

Our 1st collaboration ALDEN boot – A Real Black Diamond – handmade elegance expressed in Shell Cordovan
is waiting for you! This Navy Blucher High Boot is limited to 16 pairs worldwide and was built on Alden’s super
comfy 379X Military Last and made out of Horween’s signature Black Shell Cordovan leather.
The all black boot features a Dress Toe Cap, a Double Leather Sole and a Curved Orthopedic Heel.

This Genuine Horsehide beauty is available in sizes US 7,5E – US 11,5E; price 889,95€.
We ship fast and reliable to all EU-countries and we love old-school communication and that’s why you should
get in touch with us by phone or email to place an order.

alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-a alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-b alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-c alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-d alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-e alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-f alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-g alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-h alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-i alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-j alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-k alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-l alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-m alden-military-379x-shell-cordovan-navy-blucher-statement-statementstore-black-n


What else is new

Eagle Rising & a Freelander

Whoever said that money cannot buy happiness, simply did not know that INDIGOFERA‘s
Eagle Rising Shirt-Jacket is now available in HORSEHIDE Leather in a limited release.
The shell is thick&beefy but so soft and pliable at the same time.

Even better, the rubicund cognac horsehide leather goes just perfectly with STEVENSON OVERALL‘s
Freelander work trousers. Made of a Heavyweight Indigo Yarn Dyed Herringbone Tweed and a Rayon
Cotton Twill which feels like Satin has been used for the Lining.

Better be quick to get in touch to get yours!

indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-a indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-b indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-c indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-d indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-e indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-f indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-ff indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-h indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-i indigofera-stevensonoverall-indigoferajeans-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-j

What else is new

Suiting meets Workwear: Get there gracefully!

Our SIMMONS BILT Donkey Jacket made of 30oz Black Melton Wool and Clayton Veg Tanned Black Horse Hide
goes nicely with SCARTI-LAB‘s Pinstripe Vest and 101 Pants. Kajetan combines the outfit
with RED WING SHOES  2995 Lineman, a STETSON  Merino Wool Watchcap and solid brass hardware from RINOUMA.

simmonsbilt-scartilab-donkeyjocket-pinstripe-suit-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-aeroleather-a simmonsbilt-scartilab-donkeyjocket-pinstripe-suit-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-aeroleather-b simmonsbilt-scartilab-donkeyjocket-pinstripe-suit-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-aeroleather-c simmonsbilt-scartilab-donkeyjocket-pinstripe-suit-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-aeroleather-d simmonsbilt-scartilab-donkeyjocket-pinstripe-suit-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-aeroleather-e simmonsbilt-scartilab-donkeyjocket-pinstripe-suit-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-aeroleather-f simmonsbilt-scartilab-donkeyjocket-pinstripe-suit-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-aeroleather-g simmonsbilt-scartilab-donkeyjocket-pinstripe-suit-statementstore-statement-denim-selvedge-store-munich-aeroleather-h

What else is new

The most colorful thing in the world is black!

The SIMMONS BILT Donkey Jacket made of Black Clayton Smooth Vegetable Tanned Horsehide Leather
goes perfectly with INDIGOFERA’s Black Hickory Striped Daryl Vest!

simmonsbilt-aeroleather-indigofera-statement-denim-store-shopping-munich-a simmonsbilt-aeroleather-indigofera-statement-denim-store-shopping-munich-b simmonsbilt-aeroleather-indigofera-statement-denim-store-shopping-munich-c simmonsbilt-aeroleather-indigofera-statement-denim-store-shopping-munich-d simmonsbilt-aeroleather-indigofera-statement-denim-store-shopping-munich-e


What else is new

Height of Perfection!

Height of Perfection! The @stevensonoveralls self-conception just materialized within the store by unpacking the staggering Drifter car coat made of 100% custom-produced British Wool&Genuine Horsehide Leather. On top of that we received two new 5-pockets: the Visalia made out of Original Brown Selvage Duck-Canvas and the eagerly awaited Calistoga! I will post images of the latter asap...

The STEVENSON OVERALL COMPANY’s  self-conception just materialized within the store by unpacking the staggering Drifter car coat made of 100% custom-produced British Wool&Genuine Horsehide Leather. On top of that we received two new 5-pockets: the Visalia made out of Original Brown Selvage Duck-Canvas and the eagerly awaited Calistoga! I will post images of the latter asap…

The Drifter

Drifter is inspired by a 1930s car coat. The full-size shawl collar can be raised to protect from wind or dust.
Pockets and cuffs are detailed with horsehide trimmings for durability. The adjustable waistband follows the
same design as the pocket trimming. During the 1930s, car coats were made as a luxury item, targeted for rich
individuals who owned cars. This jacket is an original design by Stevenson Overall Co. featuring both the luxurious
details of its character, also incorporating its intended functionality as a coat.
Custom-produced 100% British wool. Using three-ply yarn, it is woven into double cloth to replicate the strong and
dense fabric seen in vintage clothing. The tightly woven fabric is also wind resisting and prevents against cold weathers.

The Visalia – 380 RIGID

Visilia is a wide cut, five pocket jeans that display an essence of oldness. Buckle-back ends are tucked in along the waistline.
Lock stitching and flat-felled seams are incorporated with twin-needle at minimal width for clean parallel seams. The back
pockets are reinforced using a twin-needle, finishing with a reverse V-shaped stitch. Inside of the front pockets are cut to match
the visible ornamental stitching. Design of leather patch is hand-drawn for authenticity. Front fly is constructed out of a single
piece of fabric, a detail found in vintage workwear pants which increases durability. Back pockets are reinforced using an extra
layer of fabric on interior, and pocket bags are finished with flat-felled seams instead of the contemporary overlock stitching.
A custom-produced brown duck-canvas fabric. The warp uses a straight and slubby yarn, woven with a slubby yarn used as weft.
The slubby yarn is created by mixing noil (left over short fibers) during the spinning process for a natural finish.
The fabric is woven by alternating the picks per inch, creating a finely balanced density and vintage-like look.