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Powderville: Grey is the new Black

The Indigofera Fargo Shirt POWDERVILLE is a paled down version of their terrific Gunpowder fabric.
Our swedish friends used a Grey Sulfur Dyed 12oz Selvage Denim to create that brilliant shade of grey and to be honest:
all colors will agree in the dark!

indigofera-fargo-shirt-powderville-gunpowder-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-a indigofera-fargo-shirt-powderville-gunpowder-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-b indigofera-fargo-shirt-powderville-gunpowder-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-c indigofera-fargo-shirt-powderville-gunpowder-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-d indigofera-fargo-shirt-powderville-gunpowder-statementstore-statement-denim-munich-e