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East Harbour Surplus: Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication!

The Ezekiel stylistically combines both ‘formal’ and ‘casual’ characteristics of a pair of Chino to perfection.
Made of a dark navy 100% Cotton Twill Fabric and designed with a double-pleated front.
The Ezekiel is arguably one of the most versatile pants we ever came upon.

All photos shot by the creative eagle eye of Gerd Büttner.

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What else is new

To be, or not to be…


be gentle. be a man. Scarti-Lab Indigo Waistcoat, RRL Selvage Hickory Stripe Button-Down,
Indigo People Ibuki Necktie and Iron Heart Heavy Duty Cowhide Belt.


What else is new

Finally! The return of Indigo People


As we love their passion-driven work so much, we tried to offer you a vast choice of their handmade
and above all indigo-dyed items,
pretty much everything from scarfs, bandanas, neckties and bags.

What else is new

Indigo Curtain Call

A curtain call for the amazing minds of Indigo People! Kiat and Johan translated our crackpot idea of indigo dyed curtains for our dressing rooms into these masterpieces. These gems are made of 17oz hand woven twill incorporating their bandana designs of the upcoming collection and are 100% natural indigo dyed- the undisputed king of dyes. Thank you Indigo People for letting our dream come to fruition!

Last but not least, thanks you Karl Kaufmann for the great pictures!














What else is new

Crappy Weather?! … Whatever!

That's our picturesque "whatever!" to crappy weather crybabies: TenC Deck Parka, 3sixteen Dark Indigo Fatigue Overshirt, Whitesville Tee, Indigo People Silk Scarf, Stetson Watchcap and Hestra Deerskin Gloves!

TenC Deck Parka, 3sixteen Dark Indigo Fatigue Overshirt, Whitesville Tee, Indigo People Silk Scarf, Stetson Watchcap and Hestra Deerskin Gloves!