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TEN C – Summoning Desires

TEN-C‘s Field Jacket summons desires, that we cannot fullfil anymore, except you are a size 50.
These jackets sold so fast, that we only have a few left. Much more important TEN C is one of our
favorite brands using classic and timeless designs and combinig those with a knitted japanese
micro-fibre fabric, which is breathable, draft- and rainproof, but ages like horsehide leather jacket over time.
Ten-C Jackets can be worn easily all year long adding and removing their liners, like the Shearling Liner Kajetan wears.
Truly ‚The Emperor‘s New Clothes‘!

Tenc-fieldjacket-m65-jacket-statementstore-statement-munich-a Tenc-fieldjacket-m65-jacket-statementstore-statement-munich-b Tenc-fieldjacket-m65-jacket-statementstore-statement-munich-c Tenc-fieldjacket-m65-jacket-statementstore-statement-munich-d


What else is new

The colder the morning…

… the better you will like a MANIFATTURA CECCARELLI Jacket! Both the Wool Miner Vest and Shawl Collar Jacket are made of a exclusive wool/linen-fabric for warmth and wear. Kajetan combines jacket and vest with a MOMOTARO Dobby Stripe Shirt, a silk INDIGO PEOPLE scarf and deerskin primaloft HESTRA Gloves!

manifaturraceccarelli-manifaturra-ceccarelli-filson-brownsbeach-browns-beach-statementstore-statement-denim-store-munich-a manifaturraceccarelli-manifaturra-ceccarelli-filson-brownsbeach-browns-beach-statementstore-statement-denim-store-munich-b manifaturraceccarelli-manifaturra-ceccarelli-filson-brownsbeach-browns-beach-statementstore-statement-denim-store-munich-c manifaturraceccarelli-manifaturra-ceccarelli-filson-brownsbeach-browns-beach-statementstore-statement-denim-store-munich-d manifaturraceccarelli-manifaturra-ceccarelli-filson-brownsbeach-browns-beach-statementstore-statement-denim-store-munich-e


What else is new

2 for the Frostbiten’s & Diehard’s!


 EAT DUST X DEHEN Knitted Wool Sweater and Navy/Burgundy Frost Bite Nylon Jackets.

What else is new

Wrenchmonkees Wool MC Jacket


There is simply no need to layer up! Wrenchmonkees Wool MC Jacket leaves you no excuses to stay off the road.

What else is new

Saluting the Old West!


The Wheeler is Stevenson Overall’s interpretation of a modern western shirt jacket.

Short body, tight fit and the 11,5oz custom Indigo Denim augur a versatile and timeless masterpiece for all seasons.