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The Slubbier the Happier!

STRIKE GOLD is an absolute allegory when it comes to ‘slubby’ selvedge denim. Often copied, but never equalled. Visiting Tohru&Yoshiko in their HQ in Kojima is something i am looking forward to the whole year. As it is so special meeting them and sharing thoughts. It feels a bit like coming home. Most recently they worked on new fabrics like the 17oz super slubby selvedge denim shown in the picture. I am convinced that you will find it in our store in fall at the latest. For now, we got all sizes restocked on their most famous SG5105 made of their Original 15oz Slubby Selvedge Denim.

Thank you so much, Guys!

strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-a strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-b strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-c

What else is new

Ossu, Peach Boys!


Going to Okayama and visiting Kojima’s famous Jeans Street developed from a must-see to kind of a tradition during the past years. Yesterday Katsu, Keita and Yudai of MOMOTARO and JAPAN BLUE JEANS made this visit a real memorable one. Showing me their all-new HQ including sewing factory, crazy front desk robots, having the tiniest Asahi in the world and taking me to a superb vegetarian japanese restaurant in Okayama owned by the most adorable Lady imaginable. Brilliant day. Thanks so much, Guys!

What else is new

Indigo Ice Cream


It’s so hot in Munich today that i am seriously considering to have ice cream for breakfast.
Only because i just rememered that one time we hung out at Kojima’s famous Jeans Street
and had Indigo ice cream and everything was just alright!