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What's new

Authentic Lee Western Wear

Good Looking & Long Wearing in the Shirt everyone loves!
LEE101  Authentic Western Shirt in Alabaster, available in sizes S – XL, price 119,95€.

We ship fast and reliable to all EU-countries and we love old-school communication and
that’s why you should get in touch with us by phone or email to place an order.

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What else is new

LEE Retro Stripe Tee

Lee feels like an endless friday summer night. Every day of the week! We just received this stylistically confident
LEE Retro Stripe Tee to get you prepared for the remaining hot days if summer.

lee-lee101-leejeans-retro-stripe-tshirt-statement-statementstore-munich-a lee-lee101-leejeans-retro-stripe-tshirt-statement-statementstore-munich-b lee-lee101-leejeans-retro-stripe-tshirt-statement-statementstore-munich-c lee-lee101-leejeans-retro-stripe-tshirt-statement-statementstore-munich-d

What else is new

Suede is great

LEE Autumn Glaze Suede Rider Jacket. Suede is great or a real staple in any transition weather or even on those chilly summer evenings.
The classic Rider Jacket design meets butterscotch premium suede leather and vintage silver snapbuttons.

All brilliant photowork by the amazing Gerd Büttner.

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What else is new

LEE: Dedicated to denim since 1889


The Lee 101 Fall / Winter collection already hit the store.

What else is new

We do not sell clothes off-the-shelf.

Statement: We do not sell clothes off-the-shelf.