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For God‘s sake, it‘s almost Christmas!

Forget all the horrors of christmas shopping, as we have the perfect gift idea:  legendary Suprise Box of Socks.
The box includes two of Anonymous Ism quality cotton socks. The colors of the socks are random but are guaranteed to please.

Get in touch to get yours to now!

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What else is new


Back by popular demand and still the undisputed Ultra Heavyweight Champion:
IRON HEART‘s Glen Check Flannel Western Shirts in gray and green.
Iron Heart still sets the tone for todays vast world of flannel shirts.

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What else is new

Anonymous Ism: Because No One Likes Cold Feet…

Because No One Likes Cold Feet…AnonymousIsm Socks – Made in Japan! We just received a huge selection of  socks to keep your toes warm when it’s cold outside. These socks will stay up no matter what else goes down.

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What else is new

Meeting Samurai


Meeting with SAMURAI makes me always feel like a kid going to the candy store. Humble people who always try to surpass themselves. The new collection was super strong and beyond any expectation. Can not wait for fall. Thank you so much Nogami-san, Yoshi and all the the Samurai team members i met. 

What else is new

Soulive Haori Western Shirt Remake


Soulive Haori Western Shirt Remake or tradional workwear meets contemporary design and craftmanship.
This one of a kind  shirt combines both the DNA of a japanese Haori Jacket and a classic american Western Shirt.
The fabric is natural indigo dyed and the patchwork makes every shirt a single piece.