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Last of their kind: RRL Low Straight!

From the get go Double RL has been used only American-made Cone Mills selvedge denim for their signature Low Straight-Fit.
Since Cone Mills has closed down their last american plant at the turn of last year the 16oz selvedge denim – woven on vintage
Draper looms – might become a collecter‘s item in the time to come.
Anyway, the Low Straight remains a brilliant pair of Jeans featuring a mid-rise and a slim straight leg with a slight trim around the thigh.

doublerl-rrl-ralphlauren-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-a doublerl-rrl-ralphlauren-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-b doublerl-rrl-ralphlauren-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-c doublerl-rrl-ralphlauren-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-d doublerl-rrl-ralphlauren-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-e doublerl-rrl-ralphlauren-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-f doublerl-rrl-ralphlauren-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-g doublerl-rrl-ralphlauren-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-h

What else is new

Tanner Goods: Your matching belt has arrived!

As you loved them so much, we brought them back. Tanner’s classic Standard Belts are available in Black, Cognac,
Saddle Tan and Mahogany. All of them constructed from 10-11oz vegetable-tanned Meridian English Bridle.
The Edges are dyed, burnished and waxed by hand to improve with age. Built to last in Portland, Oregon.

tanner-goods-tannergoods-alden-whitesboots-leather-leatherbelt-leatheraccessories-madeinusa-statement-statementstore-munich-a tanner-goods-tannergoods-alden-whitesboots-leather-leatherbelt-leatheraccessories-madeinusa-statement-statementstore-munich-b tanner-goods-tannergoods-alden-whitesboots-leather-leatherbelt-leatheraccessories-madeinusa-statement-statementstore-munich-c tanner-goods-tannergoods-alden-whitesboots-leather-leatherbelt-leatheraccessories-madeinusa-statement-statementstore-munich-d tanner-goods-tannergoods-alden-whitesboots-leather-leatherbelt-leatheraccessories-madeinusa-statement-statementstore-munich-e tanner-goods-tannergoods-alden-whitesboots-leather-leatherbelt-leatheraccessories-madeinusa-statement-statementstore-munich-f tanner-goods-tannergoods-alden-whitesboots-leather-leatherbelt-leatheraccessories-madeinusa-statement-statementstore-munich-g tanner-goods-tannergoods-alden-whitesboots-leather-leatherbelt-leatheraccessories-madeinusa-statement-statementstore-munich-h

What else is new

True American Spirit Menswear

FILSON’s iconic Mackinaw Cruiser and 3SIXTEEN’s Green Jacquard Plaid Crosscut Western Shirt. Filson’s Cruiser was patented back in 1914 and is still a high-demanded menswear classic today. The Red/Black Plaid is made of a water-repellent and comfortable to wear 100% Virgin Wool fabric and is a must-have for every outdoorsman. 3sixteens contemporary version of a classic Western Shirt is simply killer! Southwestern motif Jacquard Plaid fabric, custom pewter starburst snapbuttons and a one of a kind silhouette.

Made it America, the way it should be!

filson-3sixteen-mackinawcruiser-madeinamerica-statementstore-statement-selvage-denim-store-munich-a filson-3sixteen-mackinawcruiser-madeinamerica-statementstore-statement-selvage-denim-store-munich-b filson-3sixteen-mackinawcruiser-madeinamerica-statementstore-statement-selvage-denim-store-munich-c filson-3sixteen-mackinawcruiser-madeinamerica-statementstore-statement-selvage-denim-store-munich-d filson-3sixteen-mackinawcruiser-madeinamerica-statementstore-statement-selvage-denim-store-munich-e filson-3sixteen-mackinawcruiser-madeinamerica-statementstore-statement-selvage-denim-store-munich-f

What else is new

Dr. Collectors: 100% Indigo


We are over the moon to present you the Original Handcrafted Clothing of Dr. Collectors. Each item and all garments
are constructed in California using only traditionally American manufacturing.

For example: the Corsica Vest is hand embroidered and Indigo-hand dipped. But not enough: the Kewa on the Frisco
Tee is completely hand painted by Olivier and his artisans.

Have a brilliant weekend and we are gonna post more images of the other items we received next week!

What else is new

3sixteen Diamonds & Floral Tiles



3sixteen’s rad reinvention of a classic button down shirt. Both the long sleeved Diamond Pattern and Short Sleeved Floral Tile navy patterns are made of a 100% cotton fabric woven in Japan. Slim Fitting, subtile Crossed Back Yoke and Burnt Horn Buttons…

There you go!