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What's new

TEN C Field Jackets are back

The TenC Field Jacket in Olive and Black OJJ is back on stock! An all time classic design and an iconic garment that will live forever!
Based on the US Army Field Jackets of the 1940ies this  version, with its front zip, press stud closure, drawstring waist and concealable
hood is close to the 1965 version used widely during the Vietnam War Era.
The jacket fabric -OJJ- is made in Japan and is a knitted nylon/polyester micro-fibre. This jersey will, with time, mould itself almost
imperceptibly to your body and will acquire, with use, a unique individual patina, each jacket reflecting its own personal history and
that of its user. All Liners are designed to protect the wearer in cold conditions and can be attached within all TenC outer shells when
required or worn separately.

tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-a tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-b tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-c tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-d tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-e tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-f tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-g tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-h tenc-fieldjacket-m65-m65fieldjacket-statement-statementstore-shopping-munich-i

What else is new

Geliebtes München, ausnahmsweise bleibt der Store von Dienstag, den 4.7. bis Donnerstag, den 6.7. geschlossen. Selbstredend ist ab Freitag alles wieder so wie es sein soll und wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch!

What else is new

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


Thanks to INCO MEDIA our new Cinema Lightbox ablazes the store all night long.

What else is new

Wrenchmonkees: Less is more


Without any doubt the WRENCHMONKEES Coated Shirt is already a classic. For Spring the Teflon coated twill comes in Ecru White.
The fabric is breathable, water repellent and brushed inside. That shirt literally embraces the less-is-more-attitude from our danish friends.

What else is new

Breathe the Essence of California’s Wilderness


So stoked to present you JUNIPER RIDGE wilderness perfumes. Find the harvested and bottled aura of mountains, deserts and coasts
in their Backpacker Cologne, Desert Beard&Face Oil, Smudge Sticks, Campfire Incense or Desert Denim Wash.

Stay Free!