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The colder the morning…

… the better you will like a MANIFATTURA CECCARELLI Jacket! Both the Wool Miner Vest and Shawl Collar Jacket are made of a exclusive wool/linen-fabric for warmth and wear. Kajetan combines jacket and vest with a MOMOTARO Dobby Stripe Shirt, a silk INDIGO PEOPLE scarf and deerskin primaloft HESTRA Gloves!

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What else is new

Suede is great

LEE Autumn Glaze Suede Rider Jacket. Suede is great or a real staple in any transition weather or even on those chilly summer evenings.
The classic Rider Jacket design meets butterscotch premium suede leather and vintage silver snapbuttons.

All brilliant photowork by the amazing Gerd Büttner.

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What else is new

Ossu, Peach Boys!


Going to Okayama and visiting Kojima’s famous Jeans Street developed from a must-see to kind of a tradition during the past years. Yesterday Katsu, Keita and Yudai of MOMOTARO and JAPAN BLUE JEANS made this visit a real memorable one. Showing me their all-new HQ including sewing factory, crazy front desk robots, having the tiniest Asahi in the world and taking me to a superb vegetarian japanese restaurant in Okayama owned by the most adorable Lady imaginable. Brilliant day. Thanks so much, Guys!

What else is new

Spring Lightweight Layers


Some Lightweight Layers and off it goes into the last days of March! Just for the record, Jeff wears Momotaro’s 8oz Denim Overshirt, Maharishi Black Garment Dyed Custom Pants and Red Wing’s Iconic 877.

What else is new

Japan Blue X Cote D’Ivoire


Material is a key factor to Jeans! Following this premise JAPAN BLUE brought their Côte D’Ivoire line into being.
Only hand picked long stapled cotton from the Ivory Coast has been used to create the 13,5oz Double Indigo Selvedge Denim.
The Slim Tapered Silhouette and rope dyed yarns in deep and light indigo are promising to develop high contrast fades.
Thanks David for looking so great in these Japan Blue’s.