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National Athletic Raglan Warm Up’s

Sweater Weather is Better Weather, especially with these two NATIONAL ATHLETIC GOODS Raglan Warm Up‘s.
These quality knit fabrics are the best type of sweat shirts for warmth and comfiness. Believe us!

These sell for 149,95€ and are available in size 38 – 44!
Drop us an email to for all EU-orders.

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As basic as it gets: NATIONAL ATHLETIC GOODS

Inspired by American Sportswear of the 1930s-60s National Athletics uses only authentic custom knit fabrics from Japan to produce their timeless Menswear Basics. Both the Raglan Warm Up in Dark Grey and the Oatmeal Double-V Warm Up are made of a 11oz Mock Twist Fleece Fabric. True Value Goods made in Canada!

nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-a nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-b nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-c nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-d nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-e nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-f nationalathleticgoods-nationalathletics-statementstore-statement-store-denim-selvedge-vintage-sportswear-munich-g

What else is new

The Beauty of Basics!


Homespun Knitwear and National Athletic Goods are created and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.
Originals inspired by early 20th century working men’s underwear and vintage American Sportswear.

What else is new

Because any fool can wear a winter coat!

Because any fool can wear a winter coat! Stevenson Overall Brown's Beach Vest, National Athletics Double V Warm Up Sweat&Indigo People Ogori Scarf.


Stevenson Overall Brown’s Beach Vest, National Athletics Double V Warm Up Sweat&Indigo People Ogori Scarf.

For those of you who not familiar with Brown’s Beach Clothing, read this:

Beach Vest is a collaboration product between Brown’s Beach Jacket and Stevenson Overall Co.
Using a product of Brown’s Beach Jacket as a base, all pockets are modified with adjustable belts on side.
The left chest pocket includes two-layers for functionality, lower pockets are designed bigger with a diagonal cut,
to be used as hand-warmers. Alongside with the standard ‘Salt & Pepper’ colored fabric, a new Stevenson Overall Co.
exclusive ‘Crimson’ colored fabric with a mix of black thread is used.

The brand “Brown’s BEACH JACKET” was established in Worcester, Massachusetts USA in the year of 1901.
The brand uses its own unique fabric called “Beach Cloth.” “Beach Cloth” consists of 27% cotton and 73% wool
which results in a unique variation in color tone and texture. It makes the jackets durable yet soft and protects
the wearer from wind, rain and cold weather. Because of its’ durability, “Brown’s BEACH JACKET” was loved by
fishermen, hunters and lumber jack workers.

In the late 1960’s, due to the rise of synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon, the brand of “Brown’s Beach Jacket” came to an end.
A half century later, we are restarting the history of the best outdoor jackets brand.

A masterpiece of a brand which has both the warmth and nostalgia of the good old days is back.


What else is new

Homespun Knitwear & National Athletics

Just arrived! Manifold Homespun & National Athletics autumn and winter garments. Incomparable authentic knitwear made in Canada! More images coming soon.. standarddesign

Just arrived! Manifold Homespun & National Athletics autumn and winter garments.
Incomparable authentic knitwear made in Canada! More images coming soon..