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SAMURAI Indigo Sashiko Army Pants

Denimheads, this could be fun: SAMURAI Indigo Sashiko Army Pants. Here are the hard facts:
a heavy but soft Rope Dyed Indigo Sashiko Fabric, Corozo Nut Buttons, 100% Cotton,
Once Washed and a guarantee for some substantial indigo fades.

Quantities are limited and please keep in mind a true Samurai dresses with dignity and honor!

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What else is new

SAMURAI JEANS: We saved the best for last, part II

Two killer shirts, two killer fabrics. First of all, there is this years edition of SAMURAI’s Heavy Indigo Flannel which uses Rope Dyed Yarns
and features even Indigo Dyed Nut Buttons. And secondly, there is Samurai‘s version of a classic American Workshirt.
The 10oz Stripe Fabric is Sulphur Dyed and features Samurai Club detailings on the inside of cuffs and collar.

These beauties will definitely turn into pantina monsters. Enjoy!

samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-a samurai-samuraijeans-statementstoare-statement-denim-flannel-b samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-bb samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-c samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-d samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-e samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-f samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-g samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-h samurai-samuraijeans-statementstore-statement-denim-flannel-i

What else is new

Samurai Jeans: We saved the best for last!

The good people at SAMURAI JEANS delivered us right on time for christmas with their beyond belief Fall/Winter collection.
First of all, we would love to show you their 15oz Heavy Selvedge Chinos, Deep Indigo Sashiko Shirt and Super Heavy Curve Belt.

The Chino is Sulphur Dyed and the once washed textured Selvedge fabric features a Silver Lamé Selvedge ID. The Sashiko Shirt
is based on a classic work shirt, but comes in a contemporary slimmer silhouette. The asymmetrical chest pockets, Metal Cat Eye
Buttons and the Double Indigo Fabric are sheer madness. The Curve Belt is made of super thick American Steer Hides and the
curved cut complements the shape of your waist for a perfect fit from the get go. The Super Solid Hardware and the Raindrop Belt
Holes make these belts incomparable. These are only a few of the items we received, we will show you more within the next days!

samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-a samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-b samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-bb samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-c samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-d samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-e samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-f samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-g samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-h samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-i samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-j samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-k samurai-samuraijeans-jeans-statement-denim-statementstore-chino-sashiko-munich-l

What else is new

Samurai Jeans: Unbelievably&Legal to Wear

SAMURAI Shuriken (hidden hand blade) Wabash Border Shirt meets their famous 15oz S0511XX Zero Model Jeans. The slim fitting Shuriken Shirt is made of their original indigo border Makibishi wabash fabric, which comes once washed already. It features Metal Cat’s Eye Buttons, Chain Stitch Runoff’s and will wear in beautifully over time. The S0511XX is a slim-tapered Fit using Samurai’s unmatched 15oz Selvedge Denim made of Pure Indigo Dyed Texan Cotton. Actually the details on this pair of Samurai Jeans are countless as always. Needless to say, both items are 100% made in Osaka.


samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statementstore-denim-muenchen-a samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-jeans-denim-statementstore-denim-muenchen-b samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statesamurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-jeans-denim-statementstore-denim-muenchen-bb samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statesamurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-jeans-denim-statementstore-denim-muenchen-c samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statesamurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-jeans-denim-statementstore-denim-muenchen-d samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statementstore-denim-muenchen-jeans-statement-e

What else is new

Live by the code: SAMURAI SANDALS

Not only in Japan as today’s Motherland of Denim it is sometimes expected by tradition to take off your brown shoes to literally keep the floor clean. I
It’s a natural code of conduct which can open you many doors as a visitor from abroad. For Spring/Summer Samurai Jeans paid hommage to this tradition by releasing these one of a kind leather-lined Sandals made of their finest 15oz Selvedge Denim. We stock these in sizes US 8, 9 and 10.

Thanks to the always charming Gerd Büttner for his photographic art.

samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-a samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-b samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-c samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-d samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-f samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-g samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-h samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-i