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Samurai Jeans: Unbelievably&Legal to Wear

SAMURAI Shuriken (hidden hand blade) Wabash Border Shirt meets their famous 15oz S0511XX Zero Model Jeans. The slim fitting Shuriken Shirt is made of their original indigo border Makibishi wabash fabric, which comes once washed already. It features Metal Cat’s Eye Buttons, Chain Stitch Runoff’s and will wear in beautifully over time. The S0511XX is a slim-tapered Fit using Samurai’s unmatched 15oz Selvedge Denim made of Pure Indigo Dyed Texan Cotton. Actually the details on this pair of Samurai Jeans are countless as always. Needless to say, both items are 100% made in Osaka.


samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statementstore-denim-muenchen-a samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-jeans-denim-statementstore-denim-muenchen-b samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statesamurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-jeans-denim-statementstore-denim-muenchen-bb samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statesamurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-jeans-denim-statementstore-denim-muenchen-c samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statesamurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-jeans-denim-statementstore-denim-muenchen-d samurai-samuraijeans-selvedge-statementstore-denim-muenchen-jeans-statement-e

What else is new

Live by the code: SAMURAI SANDALS

Not only in Japan as today’s Motherland of Denim it is sometimes expected by tradition to take off your brown shoes to literally keep the floor clean. I
It’s a natural code of conduct which can open you many doors as a visitor from abroad. For Spring/Summer Samurai Jeans paid hommage to this tradition by releasing these one of a kind leather-lined Sandals made of their finest 15oz Selvedge Denim. We stock these in sizes US 8, 9 and 10.

Thanks to the always charming Gerd Büttner for his photographic art.

samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-a samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-b samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-c samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-d samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-f samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-g samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-h samurai-samuraijeans-sandals-statementstore-statement-munich-i


What else is new

Meeting Samurai


Meeting with SAMURAI makes me always feel like a kid going to the candy store. Humble people who always try to surpass themselves. The new collection was super strong and beyond any expectation. Can not wait for fall. Thank you so much Nogami-san, Yoshi and all the the Samurai team members i met. 

What else is new

Sonkyo! Samurai’s Limited Sumo Series


As part of the limited overseas SAMURAI ‘Sumo’ Series the Ozeki MS5000VX just arrived us. Named after the 2nd highest rank in Sumo Wrestling the Ozeki is based on the classic S5000VX but features ‘Hidden Gull Stitchings’ on the backpockets, a special Sumo labeling and design plus a limited and concealable!!! name tag. On top of that the slim fitting straight cut is made of  signature 17oz Bushido Selvage Denim that is famous for its slubby and irregular texture.

What else is new

The Era Of Violence



SAMURAI’s mighty impressive sulfur dyed heavyweight Crewneck’s.