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Dress the Army Way: Immaculate all day!

SOULIVE Artisan Liner, MAHARISHI Heavy Raw Sweat Pants, MOMOTARO Camouflage Bandana
and ALDEN‘s 403 Indy Boot prepares you best for unsettled weather.

The  Liner is inspired by a classic M51 parka liner made of a hand dyed Nylon outer shell and a super soft Borehair Lining.
The Liner fits both vintage US Army jackets or a TEN C jackets of your choice.

soulive-artisan-liner-maharishi-momotaro-alden-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-a soulive-artisan-liner-maharishi-momotaro-alden-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-b soulive-artisan-liner-maharishi-momotaro-alden-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-c soulive-artisan-liner-maharishi-momotaro-alden-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-d soulive-artisan-liner-maharishi-momotaro-alden-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-e soulive-artisan-liner-maharishi-momotaro-alden-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-f soulive-artisan-liner-maharishi-momotaro-alden-statement-statementstore-denim-munich-g

What else is new

The Menswear Gospel…


… according to MEN’S FILE X CLUTCH MAGAZINE . Get your copy while stocks last.

What else is new

From the Heartland of Indigo


Kojima’s renowned ‘Collect’-family delivers again in the most stellar way. SOULIVE Indigo Dyed MA-1 Flight Jacket
featuring their popular Bandana Trick Art Lining combined with a well worn JAPAN BLUE Indigo X Black French Work Trouser.

Thanks Ulf for friendship and a brilliant modeling job. 

What else is new

Soulive Haori Western Shirt Remake


Soulive Haori Western Shirt Remake or tradional workwear meets contemporary design and craftmanship.
This one of a kind  shirt combines both the DNA of a japanese Haori Jacket and a classic american Western Shirt.
The fabric is natural indigo dyed and the patchwork makes every shirt a single piece.

What else is new

Blue Collar Attitude vs White Collar Spirit

Soulive Indigo Dyed and Bandana Trick Art Lined MA-1 Bomber Jacket meets RRL Lange HBD Shirt with hidden buttondown collar meets Scarti-Lab Chino 120 Lot SG717 and the iconic Red Wing 875 Moc Toe.

Thanks Gerd for being so charming and looking so striking in this outfit!