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The crown of denim creation: Strike Gold’s 6105!

There is selvedge denim and then there is Strike Gold. Tohru and Yoshiko are peerless in there everlasting love for details.
The SG6105 is there new and limited masterpiece as they were only able to produce this unique original denim fabric for a handfull of pairs.
They had to totally customize the weaving loom to create the most low tension weave possible.
The result is a 16,5 oz slubby and ultra textured denim which has an unmatched character from the beginning before turning into a fading monster.

The SG6105 comes in their signature tight straight fit and we are afraid these will sell fast!

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What else is new

Bandanas Are a Man’s Best Friend…

… on every occasion! Apart from these showcased models of RRL, Scarti-Lab, Warehouse and Heller’s Cafe we offer an even larger selection of
Bandanas and Boros to suit everyone.

Thank you Gerd for these amazing images and being a magician behind the camera!

statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-a statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-b statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-c statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-d statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-e statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-f statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-g statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-h statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-i statementstore-statement-rrl-ralphlauren-doublerl-bandana-hellerscafe-warehouse-scartilab-strikegold-j

What else is new

Before Denim there was nothing…


When it comes to Selvedge Denim Jeans there is no such thing as right or wrong. Keep it simple. Give it some time and just wear and love them.

Corpus Delicti: STRIKE GOLD’s 15oz Original Slubby Selvedge Denim.


What else is new

Tailor Toyo Acetate Souvenir Jacket


A jacket not only for scouts and roaring tigers. A Tailor Toyo Acetate Souvenir Jacket is the boss of bosses when it comes to casual menswear.
Incorporating the classic design of an american baseball jacket, the so called Sukajan are hand embroidered and fully reversible.

Those jackets have been originally created as souvenirs for GI’s in post-war Japan and developed into a casualwear legend nowadays.

What else is new

The Slubbier the Happier!

STRIKE GOLD is an absolute allegory when it comes to ‘slubby’ selvedge denim. Often copied, but never equalled. Visiting Tohru&Yoshiko in their HQ in Kojima is something i am looking forward to the whole year. As it is so special meeting them and sharing thoughts. It feels a bit like coming home. Most recently they worked on new fabrics like the 17oz super slubby selvedge denim shown in the picture. I am convinced that you will find it in our store in fall at the latest. For now, we got all sizes restocked on their most famous SG5105 made of their Original 15oz Slubby Selvedge Denim.

Thank you so much, Guys!

strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-a strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-b strikegold-tenryo-slubby-denim-statement-store-shopping-munich-c