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And yet every man needs at least one…

statement-denim-store-sunsurf-toyoenterprise-hawaiishirt-a statement-denim-store-sunsurf-toyoenterprise-hawaiishirt-b statement-denim-store-sunsurf-toyoenterprise-hawaiishirt-c

SUN SURF Rayon Aloha Hawaii Shirt. These authentic Hawaiian Shirts are available in Navy, Off-White and Red amd will guide perfectly through the hottest days this summer.

What else is new

Every Day Wardrobe Essentials


Sugar Cane 1962 Type III 14oz Denim Jacket, Sunspel Surfine V-Neck, Cat’s Paw Chino,
AnonymousIsm Indigo Patchwork Socks, Classic White Jack Purcell’s and a Stetson Merino Watchcap.

What else is new

Feels like Spring Spirit in Munich


We got some essentials to get through the first long and hot days: JOHNSON MOTORS  Tee’s Made in California,
INDIGOFERA Heyes Chinos, Sugar Cane Work Shirts and loads of Bandanas!

What else is new

SUGAR CANE Indigo Invasion

Sugar Cane Fiction Romance 5,25oz Indigo Stripe, Indigo Border Dobby and 4,5oz Indigo Stripe Print Workshirt.


What else is new

Sugar Cane Spring Summer


The first drop of Toyo’s finest Spring/Summer items hit the store. Sugar Cane Light’s Indigo Needlework Cloth Work Vest
and signature Okinawa Jeans blend in nicely with classic white Jack Purcell’s and a tubular knitted Whitesville Tee!