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What's new

The second to none Eisbach-Tee returns!


Once again we teamed up with the good people at TSPTR and returned the Eisbach-Tee in grey marl.
This TSPTR X Statement Collab Tee is limited to 30 pieces worldwide and is exclusively available in our charming little store.
Thanks loads Russ&Daniel!

What else is new

Eisbach TSPTR X Statement Collab


Snoopy says: This is Eisbach not Zuma Beach. The good people at TSPTR killed it with our 1st limited Collab Tee.

Thanks so much Russ,Daniel and Harley!

What else is new

This is Munich, Not L.A.


These TSPTR Tee’s are inspired by Vietnam Era Counterculture and influences of the 1960s/70s American outdoor experience
– from Pioneers to Drop Outs to returning GI’s, the wilderness has offered a home to those who don’t fit into mainstream society.


What else is new

TSPTR: Full Steam Ahead!


Running into the weekend like Popeye: Full Steam Ahead! We got brand-new TSPTR armor for your wardrobre-arsenals. 

What else is new

New TSPTR Tee’s