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New Year’s Menswear Multiple Choice

We hope you had a vigorous start into the New Year and to get you Guys inspired for 2018
please enjoy our latest Menswear Multiple Choice:

A. SOULIVE Indigo Dyed MA-1 Flight Jacket featuring a Vintage Bandana Trick Art Lining

B. MOMOTARO 5oz Japanese Selvedge Chambray Shirts

C. INDIGOFERA Heyes Pants made of Indigo Dyed Herringbone Fabric

D. WAREHOUSE Company Polka Dot Bandana and SCARTI-LAB Leather Boro

E. ALDEN‘s iconic 405 Indy Boot, a cult classic made of Chromexcel Leather

As always, please note there are no incorrect options!

momotaro-soulive-indigofera-alden-indyboot-statementstore-outfit-statement-denim-munich-a momotaro-soulive-indigofera-alden-indyboot-statementstore-outfit-statement-denim-munich-b momotaro-soulive-indigofera-alden-indyboot-statementstore-outfit-statement-denim-munich-c momotaro-soulive-indigofera-alden-indyboot-statementstore-outfit-statement-denim-munich-d momotaro-soulive-indigofera-alden-indyboot-statementstore-outfit-statement-denim-munich-e momotaro-soulive-indigofera-alden-indyboot-statementstore-outfit-statement-denim-munich-f momotaro-soulive-indigofera-alden-indyboot-statementstore-outfit-statement-denim-munich-g