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What's new

One to fit them all…


… Denimlovers, Isar-Worshippers and Powershoppers. Our brand-new STATEMENT heavy canvas tote bags carry at least 3 of those big PENDLETON beach towels. They come for free if your purchase exceeds 199€ or are up for grabs for 9,90€ in our lovely little store.

What else is new

Sers Munich!


Feels good to be back. A long weekend ahead and even more importantly a summer sunny one,
simply pop by and we are gonna help you to find the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Kevin for examples seems to be well prepared with Dr. Collectors P20 Seafarer Chinos, the indigo-dyed 13 Stars
and Hand-Printed Small Hopi Californian Tee’s.

What else is new

Meeting Samurai


Meeting with SAMURAI makes me always feel like a kid going to the candy store. Humble people who always try to surpass themselves. The new collection was super strong and beyond any expectation. Can not wait for fall. Thank you so much Nogami-san, Yoshi and all the the Samurai team members i met. 

What else is new

Ossu, Peach Boys!


Going to Okayama and visiting Kojima’s famous Jeans Street developed from a must-see to kind of a tradition during the past years. Yesterday Katsu, Keita and Yudai of MOMOTARO and JAPAN BLUE JEANS made this visit a real memorable one. Showing me their all-new HQ including sewing factory, crazy front desk robots, having the tiniest Asahi in the world and taking me to a superb vegetarian japanese restaurant in Okayama owned by the most adorable Lady imaginable. Brilliant day. Thanks so much, Guys!

What else is new

A beautiful Red Wing-mind!


Yesterday i had the pleasure to spend the day with one of Red Wing Shoes visionairies and a one of a kind thought leader.
Thanks for your time, mindful conversations and for the countless inspirations Michiya-san.

And for all you Red Wing aficionados out there the  stores in Tokyo, Osaka and Sendai have to be a must-see on your bucket list.