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3sixteen Indigo Herringbone Work Jacket



One of my absolute favorites this season and i am so happy to finally have it in store. Subtile, well elaborated and so rich in details.
Both the real wood buttons and the Japanese indigo herringbone fabric will age beautifully over time. Well done Guys!

What else is new

Sugar Cane’s Holy Trinity


The Holy Trinity of Authentic Work Shirts – SUGAR CANE Fiction Romance 8,5oz Wabash Stripe & 4,5oz Polka Dot Shirts!

What else is new

Iron Heart Ultra Heavy Flannels


Iron Heart’s proof why fall should be your favorite season: Invincible 12oz Ultra Heavy Flannels made of 100% Aspero cotton.

Thanks Gerd for being the world’s greatest testamonial!

What else is new

Hello Mr Stevenson good to see you again!


Among others these two STEVENSON OVERALL icons reached us yesterday with our first FW16 delivery.
The one of a kind Indigo Henley and the 6,5oz Cody Western Shirt have become real staples over the years!

What else is new

Throwing Stars & Hickory Stripes


SAMURAI JEANS Shuriken Indigo Wabash Shirt and 10oz Indigo Hickory Prison Shirt.