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What's new

Soulive Voyage Military Jacket


“In the time flow, many things change and many things do not change. In the time where we are overwhelmed by the mass of products.
We create something that can be transferred and connected to the next generations.“

One guiding light, one jacket which perfectly represents it: SOULIVE Military Jacket. Reminiscent of a classic M42 U.S. Para Field Jackt but updated with the legendary M51 Olive Green. Simply a feast for the eyes.

What else is new

Sonkyo! Samurai’s Limited Sumo Series


As part of the limited overseas SAMURAI ‘Sumo’ Series the Ozeki MS5000VX just arrived us. Named after the 2nd highest rank in Sumo Wrestling the Ozeki is based on the classic S5000VX but features ‘Hidden Gull Stitchings’ on the backpockets, a special Sumo labeling and design plus a limited and concealable!!! name tag. On top of that the slim fitting straight cut is made of  signature 17oz Bushido Selvage Denim that is famous for its slubby and irregular texture.

What else is new

Wrenchmonkees Reversible Jacket


It’s Black. Its subtile and functional. It overpowers any wind and weather and well it’s more than just one jacket!

It must be the WRENCHMONKEES Reversible Jacket in Black Twill and Quilted Ripstop. 

What else is new

Pure Blue Japan 22oz Super Rough


These Heavyweights come in a slim tapered silhouette and have been washed once. Hence the fabric is already soft
and handy and has developed its pure and one of a kind uneven slubby texture.
Basically PURE BLUE JAPAN  in a nutshell!

What else is new

Some days are darker…


… but it is not this day as we received our first batch of BLACKDAYS. The neverending hunt for that one ideal shirt everyone is looking for might be over. Thought up and converted into reality by Martin, Anton and Apostolos in a basement in Malmö, Sweden.
Blackdays is all about DIY-culture, boozy nights and open road salutes!